I started my journey as an actor in 1995, I took an acting class, and my whole consciousness changed. On the drive home, through downtown, everything was brighter and bigger; I had changed, and I knew that this is what I needed to do for the rest of my life.

I wanted to be a whole actor, a professional, and I wanted to work in movies.

Since then, I made the conscious decision to learn how to become a versatile and believable actor, without being boring. So that I could be cast widely and work constantly. Every scene I worked on, whether it was in class or on stage or screen, was with this objective in mind.

Now, to make a looong story short, I was out to accomplish one simple thing…

Make the audience believe it and make them want to see what happens next.

Make the audience believe that I was who I said I am, make them believe that I was actually, (in that moment) going through what was specifically happening on the screen, not just in a “raw” way, but with the presence and skill of a professional actor. Using my own life experiences and emotions, not the “idea” of what it would feel like, but to actually go where I need to go, always staying within the world that was on screen.

I have studied all the different methods and use those tools, whenever I feel I need to, to get the job done, always starting with my imagination first. I work in comedy the same way, light and dark, are both achieved.

My mantra is “do the work”, it always pays off.

I absolutely love my job as an actor, my part in the process of telling a story and what it can do to an audience, if an actor is willing to do the work and then let themselves go, give up “control” in the moment. No matter the size of the role, there is always something there that I had not imagined, that just comes from letting go, some deeper truth about the person I am playing comes out through me. I live for that. That’s why I have given my life to it.

My full attention has now turned to breaking into the mainstream, basically, it’s just because I think it would be fun, that’s really it. To work more steadily and have less “down time”. To have more scripts to choose from, more stories to tell. My life the way I had envisioned it. A life of meaningful playtime.